Responding to Recent Disasters

September 25, 2017


We hope all of our friends and colleagues in the Southern United States are safe and that your projects and facilities were without incident after the devastation recent hurricanes have delivered.  For those who were affected, please know that Vidaris is available to support your needs in getting your projects and properties back to normal.

The Vidaris team has a tremendous amount of depth and experience in supporting clients with post-catastrophe events.  The following is a list of services Vidaris provides that directly relate to facilities impacted by hurricanes or other significant disaster related events:

We are already engaged on multiple assignments in areas impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, have our boots on the ground, and are ready to help bring your facilities back, or get them ready for the next storm that may come your way.

To request our assistance, please contact Zachary Nord, Director of the Southeast Region, in our Miami office at 305.695.0850, or reach out to our New York headquarters at 212.689.5389.  We are also accessible through email at


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Michelle Maxwell

Written by Michelle Maxwell

Marketing Manager