Reimagining 200 Park Avenue

December 11, 2017

As we prepare for The Metals in Construction magazine 2018 Design Challenge: Design the Next-Generation Facade, we'll do a look back at last year's competition.

The Metals in Construction magazine 2017 Design Challenge: Reimagine Structure asked participants to fully integrate the building’s skin and structural systems to provide not only environmental protection but also resistance to wind and seismic forces. Entries were judged on the amount of embodied energy reduced in the form of building mass, as well as on the overall performance of the integrated systems.

Vidaris' 2017 submission is below:

REIMAGINE 200 PARK_FINAL_web_Page_1.jpg


REIMAGINE 200 PARK_FINAL_web_Page_2.jpg


REIMAGINE 200 PARK_FINAL_web_Page_3.jpg


REIMAGINE 200 PARK_FINAL_web_Page_4.jpg

Stanford Chan, AIA

Written by Stanford Chan, AIA

Senior Principal - Existing Buildings Division | Roofing and Waterproofing Division