FISP Sub-Cycle B Now Open; New Amendments for Cycle 9

March 02, 2021

We Can Perform Inspections for ALL Sub-Cycles:


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  • Sub-Cycle 9B is now open,

  • Sub-Cycle 9A is ongoing until February 21, 2022, and

  • Sub-Cycle 9C buildings can be inspected now even with the filing window not opening until February 21, 2022 (report must be submitted within 1 year of up-close examination).

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Now Providing Inspections by Rope Access:

Vidaris can provide rope access SPRAT level II certified inspectors in addition to our seasoned Project Managers with 10+ years of experience. Offering FISP inspections by rope access can make our inspection even more efficient.

New Amendments for FISP Cycle 9:

This cycle there are important updates to be aware of:

  1. The minimum number of physical examinations will now be based on the linear footage of façade along the public right-of-way
  2. Probes will be required for buildings with brick veneer construction in order to verify spacing and integrity of wall ties (Only required for odd-numbered FISP cycles)
  3. Increased level of qualification and experience required of the QEWI
  4. Increased penalties for violations and non-compliance

The first two items are explained further here.

A building's filing window is based on the last digit of the building’s block number and is broken out into three sub-cycles as follows:

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For Sub-Cycle 9B, which opened February 21, 2021, buildings with a block number ending in 0, 7, or 8 have until February 21, 2023 to file their FISP report.

Three Reasons FISP is Important for your Existing Building(s):

  1. Safety - each year we unfortunately have experienced tragedies due to falling material coming from building facades. FISP helps combat those events.
  2. It's the law - Owners of buildings greater than six stories must submit reports each five-year cycle, and have a two-year window to file that report according to their sub-cycle assignment. Additionally, if "SWARMP" items are identified, Owners are by law required to address repairs before the next filing cycle.
  3. Opportunity for a cost-benefit retrofit - although it is costlier, the benefit of a deep retrofit is undeniable. The facade can be replaced and enhanced, mechanical systems are upgraded and higher energy efficiency can be considered. Vidaris can additionally help provide an evaluation for compliance with meeting the new carbon emissions requirements, per Intro. 1253-C / Local Law 97.

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Download a FISP Cycle 9 Calendar PDF Here

Stanford Chan, AIA

Written by Stanford Chan, AIA

Senior Principal - Existing Buildings Division | Roofing and Waterproofing Division