Compliance in an Evolving World

March 06, 2020

Robert LiMandri took the opportunity to share his thoughts and his knowledge on the topic of development during a time of increased regulation and building trends at the New York Construction & Development Forum's "Buildings of the Future: Innovation in Design & Construction" session on February 27, 2020 with GreenPearl.

The session's description read, "Market dynamics are forcing a sea change in design and construction, as construction costs continue to rise and acquisition pricing remains stubbornly high. Meanwhile, climate change and new regulations related to building emissions are further putting demands upon how new and re-developed buildings will be designed and built. Creative developers are discovering new and innovative ways to deliver properties designed for the next 40 years." 

Panelists included: Abe Schlisselfeld of Marks Paneth, Sally Gilliland of Hudson Companies, Elan Hakimian of Certes Partners, Miriam Harris of Trinity Place Holdings, and Simon Koster of The Collective.

The panel discussed topics including:

  • Co-living: How do the design and construction of buildings designed for co-living differ from traditional multifamily?
  • Affordability: How are developers changing their designs and construction plans to bring down costs? How is the evolving skyline of NYC reshaping neighborhoods and impacting communities?
  • Climate Change: As capital partners and government put pressure on developers to incorporate climate change into their projects, how are developers responding?
  • Trends & Challenges: What are the just-now-emerging trends and challenges that will be addressed next?

With Robert heading the Code Advisory team at Vidaris- where he delivers comprehensive solutions based on building code, zoning and regulatory oversight- his insight into current regulations and how it relates to co-living, building repositioning, energy requirements, and modular construction was a dynamic addition to the conversation.

Before joining Vidaris, Mr. LiMandri served as New York City Department of Buildings Commissioner, providing additional relevant background as it relates to the real estate construction industry.





Michelle Maxwell

Written by Michelle Maxwell

Marketing Manager