Vidaris Interviewed by SMPS-NY

February 27, 2015
  1. What are your areas of expertise? Vidaris helps turn building designs into physical, functioning realities. We provide specialty consulting services to owners, developers and architects for building envelope, sustainability and energy efficiency projects. At the start of the New Year, we also launched a new division that provides Code Advisory services. From the Towers at World Trade Center to Yankee Stadium to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden—no matter whether it’s new construction or an existing building—we provide effective building solutions utilizing the latest techniques, design trends and materials.
  2. What differentiates you from your competition? Vidaris takes a unique and holistic approach to consulting. What we actually mean by this is the fact that Vidaris is really a marriage of two best in class consulting companies that work together every day in-house to deliver integrated solutions to our clients. We believe in building high-performance and healthy buildings for owners, tenants and the environment. In order to do this, you have to treat a building as a dynamic, living part of the environment. Our building envelope and sustainability professionals work together to extend a building’s lifecycle on each and every one of our projects. The performance of the skin of a building directly affect the systems inside it, and vice versa. We are uniquely fit to deliver results because we take such a “whole package” approach, but at the end of the day, the difference in our services is rooted in the quality of our service to our clients, just like it is any other industry. In order to ensure the best building solution for the project and our clients, we have established a company policy to work only for owners, developers, design teams and their representatives. That is most definitely a quality that differentiates us from competition.
  3. What are you doing differently this year to market your services to your client? This year, we’ve really changed things up at Vidaris. The underlying tone of our marketing message is always the collaboration of the multiple arms of our company: building envelope, sustainability, energy efficiency and code advisory. Keeping that in mind, we’re continuing to push into the social media space. We’re developing systems that will allow us to generate e-blasts. We’re also spending much more time this year developing crisp and digestible content and graphics.
  4. What new trends in the industry do you anticipate affecting your business in the near future? It’s no secret that the AEC industry is booming. We feel this in our office and on-site every day. Additionally, clients and tenants alike are increasingly demanding higher standards of energy efficiency in their buildings. Vidaris has provided consulting on over 350 LEED projects and has helped create and shape both past and current versions of LEED requirements. With LEED v4 on the horizon, we anticipate providing additional technical and managerial support to the LEED process for our clients, including building envelope commissioning, BECx.
  5. How does SMPS impact your business? SMPS is a great way to cultivate relationships and exchange ideas with the most creative people in the industry. We find that SMPS meetings, events and resources keep us current and connected to the latest trends in AEC.

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