6 Things You Might Not Know About Vidaris

May 16, 2016


1. Vidaris did not acquire Israel Berger and Associates (IBA) 


Vidaris is the married name of IBA and Viridian Energy and Environmental. When IBA and Viridian merged in 2011 we renamed ourselves Vidaris. Vidaris comes from the word "vida" meaning life and "aris" which means the sharp edge formed at the intersection of two surfaces. 

Don't worry, Israel Berger is still around and serves as Chairman of the Board. Marc Weissbach runs daily operations as President & CEO. 


2. LPI is Vidaris' sister company


LPI is the engineering arm of our company. LPI performs fitness-for-service, advanced analysis, failure and material engineering, non-destructive testing, commissioning and more. LPI has offices in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Florida and Australia. Learn more about our sister company here


3. Vidaris does much more than supertall, curtainwall structures


photo credit James Ewing/OTTO

Every heard of Yankee Stadium? We worked on that! Vidaris' project portfolio includes much more than the commercial and residential skyscrapers that paint the skyline. Check out our projects page to learn more. 



4. We have a Testing & Research Facility in Gowanus, Brooklyn 


This 13,000 sf facility provides a state-of-the-art "test wall" to perform ASTM air, water and structural tests. We maintain our third party independence by not certifiying products for manufacturers. The facility is open to manufacturers, consultants, contractors, architects and owners. 



5. Former Building Commissioner Robert LiMandri heads up our Code Division 


Robert LiMandri, the former NYC Building Commissioner, joined Vidaris in 2014 and brought with him strategic leadership, experience and innovation. The code advisory group offers services including filing representation/expediting, assessment/failure investigationmunicipal support, code interpretation, due diligence and flood mitigation



6. We can serve as Architect of Record on Restoration projects 



You've heard of Carnegie Hall... we worked on that! Vidaris has been working on restoration projects for over 25 years. Learn more about the service here



In sum, Vidaris helps make buildings better.

Hannah Hutchison

Written by Hannah Hutchison

Marketing Coordinator