The Skyscraper of the Future: Integrating a Flexible Program with Energy Innovation

December 15, 2015

New York is a city that's experienced more than 125 years of skyscraper development. The rich history of tall-structure development here creates both a cautionary tale and learning opportunity for the development in the rest of the world. Where initial challenges to this typology were structural and mechanical, new challenges are more complex and require solutions that accommodate flexibility. New York's skyscrapers are some of the largest contributors to the City's greenhouse gas emissions, but they can be re-conceived to efficiently use energy with passive design strategies, and actively generate electricity. As the City moves beyond mandates to a near zero greenhouse gas emissions future, its largest buildings will see another century of change. Incorporating strategic planning and integrated consulting expertise early-on at the program development phase will enable the developer, design team, and project consultants to clearly execute cross-disciplinary project goals. 

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Vidaris Team Member

Written by Vidaris Team Member