Working at Vidaris: Intern Edition

August 15, 2016

The Vidaris summer interns spanned the breadth of the firm, from working on the side of 60-story buildings to working on business operations. It was a passionate and diverse group that started with us in June and we are sad to see them go. 


On Tuesday (August 8th), Vidaris' summer interns had the opportunity to present their summer experience to the rest of the company. We heard about the "views from the awesome projects" they were able to accompany staff to, and the "real sense of community and friendliness" that the people in the office have. In addition, every intern mentioned the "extremely hands-on experience" and learning opportunity they were given and that they were able to apply what they were learning in the classroom to their projects. 

Experiences and previous exposure ranged from just finishing freshmen year to just starting a Master's program. We wanted to share a few of our favorite quotes about their experiences: 

"At first I was naive - thinking it's just a wall, how hard can it possibly be," said Amy Lu, an intern in our Restoration division. "Walls are more complicated than I thought." 

"Attending job sites really helped; you can read a report, but it's just words - once you see it in person you really understand what you're looking at,"  said Paul Marino, New Construction intern

"I wasn't treated like an intern, but just like another person on the team," said Taylor Sim, New Construction intern 

"I learned programs such as Bluebeam, AutoCAD, and others, and I had never heard of those terms in school before," said Anna Lawrence, Energy intern, who added "and now I feel comfortable using them." 



It wasn't all work and no play for our interns; they received a private tour from Vidaris' Principal Dan Popadynec and Senior Engineering Technician Tom Petro at Top of the Rock, who shared their industry and Vidaris knowledge on the changing skyline of New York. This was a highlight mentioned by many in their final presentations. 


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Hannah Hutchison

Written by Hannah Hutchison

Marketing Coordinator