Real Estate Weekly - "Keeping Pace with the Changes in City's Local Laws"

June 10, 2009

The office of Israel Berger & Associates LLC, one of New York’s most respected firms in curtain-wall and building enclosures consulting, has conducted Local Law 10 and 11 inspections since the law was enacted in 1980.

At the start of the 7th cycle of the Department of Buildings-mandated inspection, IBA is seeing a renewed interest from building owners and managers as Local Law 11 inspections are being incorporated into long-term planning and budgeting of maintenance programs.

IBA has established itself as the leader among recladding consultants in New York, having worked on many major building re-claddings in the city, a process that is arguably the most demanding and complicated operation in building façade work.

Israel Berger AIA, the CEO of IBA, said, “Because IBA understands the dynamics of maintaining, repositioning and marketing buildings, especially in the current economy, we are constantly being called upon to help owners develop a strategy for the maintenance and restoration of building facades, emphasizing economics and long-term planning..."

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