Perspective New York - Special Green Issue 2008, "Israel Berger & Associates, Thinking Outside the Box"

May 01, 2008

With owners and developers increasingly conscious of how a property performs as well as how it looks, making sure that a building has the right kind of envelope is more important than ever. In the past, the architect alone might have made recommendations on a specific type of curtain wall or façade, but increasingly developers are turning to consultants such as Israel Berger & Associates, LLC for an added level of expertise about this complex and vital element in building design, operations and maintenance.

“The value of our work is narrowing down building envelope options to the ones most suitable to achieve the architect’s and owner’s aspirations,” says Israel Berger, AIA, Principal.

IBA is enjoying new opportunities as clients focus on the ‘green’ aspects of building design. A building’s envelope needs to fulfill the aesthetic vision of the client and the architect while expanding to the ever increasing demand for energy efficiency, durability and maintainability.

“The building envelope can be 15 to 20 percent of the project’s total cost, yet it is one of the most important elements of the building,” says Marc Weissbach, AIA, Principal. “Construction has gotten so complicated that it’s hard to deliver this crucial component without the input and expertise of the right people in the right job.”

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