National Industrial and Logistics Summit Northeast

February 20, 2018
February 20 2018


Join for this full day event to network and learn about the following topics and more with the top developers, investors, brokers, and logistics and supply chain experts from across the country, including Vidaris' Robert LiMandri.

Industrial follows a record-breaking 2016, and remains on pace to hit similar records in 2017 with stats such as: 

- $43.9 Billion in Investment Sales YTD

- 34.7% investment sales growth with a 4.8% cap rate

- A 1.7% net absorption rate and 5.3% rent growth

- 2017 total volume in Q3 already the third-highest full-year tally since 2008 

With every $1B in e-commerce sales requiring 1.25M SF of distribution space, and e-commerce hitting $491B in 2017, e-commerce players will result in demand for 50-60M SF in warehouse space in 2017 alone.

Topics To Include: 

1. The story beyond Amazon: Amazon is far from the only tenant driving the e-commerce space. With players such as Walmart showing a 63% increase in online sales in the first fiscal quarter of 2017, largely due to its $3B purchase of - what does this mean for the sector? Will large retailers continue to make similar e-commerce plays? 

2. Industrial fundamentals: Will industrial fundamentals remain strong in 2018, or will the sector start to see the impact of unchecked construction levels and increasing land and construction costs? 

3. Demand vs. Supply: Can industrial sustain an eighth-straight year of demand outpacing supply? 

4. Rising Rents for Tenants: As industrial rents continue to rise, will buyers hesitate to pay premium prices for features such as LEED certifications when the ROI is not necessarily guaranteed? 

5. Last-Mile Logistics: What does the rise of urban last-mile logistics mean for the sector, and what are the limitations of the available inventory? 

6. Ports and Supply Chain: With U.S. seaports as a $5 trillion business, how will infrastructure improvements, supply-chain innovations, and global trade policy impact the industrial sector? 

7. Institutional Investment: With money continuing to pour in from institutional investors and increasing competition for quality assets - how will the sector continue its growth? What are the smart investment plays and how do strategies differ? 

8. Industrial Demand Type: Will investors continue seeking Class-B urban industrial facilities for their high returns, or will they begin to move to other types of industrial facilities as they face a shortage of quality properties?


Times: 9AM - 5PM

Michelle Maxwell

Written by Michelle Maxwell

Marketing Manager