LUSH in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is Featured in Brazil's Green Building Magazine

May 07, 2015


Sustainable Cosmetics: Lush Store and Spa in São Paulo has unprecedented certification in the Americas

New trends are always emerging in all markets and sectors of the economy, and the world of green buildings is not different, mainly because it is a sector that is in constant evolution. In Brazil, new certifications are being created or disembarked from other countries, always with the ideal of adapting and providing differentials. This is the case of SKA Rating, a British label that has just arrived in the Americas
of the Lush store and spa certification, which is in the city of São Paulo.

Lush is an international network of cosmetic stores that inaugurated its first unit in the country on June 10, 2014. As all brand subsidiaries follow a pattern created by a team of designers. The building, located on Rua da Consolação, underwent an extensive renovation that lasted between February and May of last year.

According to Renata Pagliarussi, general manager of Lush in Brazil, the company invests and believes in sustainability as the only possible way to to relate to the world. "Long, lasting relations, beneficial to all
those involved are necessarily sustainable. We believe in protecting people, animals and the planet and we take this commitment seriously. "

It was from this ideal that the Consolação store received the SKA certification Rating Pilot, already used by other stores of the mark in other places of the world. The stamp came in 2005, when the Swedish museum Skansen started a research in partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) - a British institute that regulates buildings and properties - and with AECOM, a North American company that offers technical and professional technical support.

The objective was to verify the possibility of measuring the environmental or establish a good environmental practice in fit-out projects (remodeling of interior spaces). This is how SKA Rating came about: a environmental assessment for sustainable interior spaces.

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