IBA Ready to Assist With New NYC Energy Code Progress Inspection Compliance

September 07, 2010

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As of September 7, 2010, in accordance with Rules of the City of New York 1RCNY §5000‐01, the NYC
Department of Buildings has required that all new building or alteration application filings must identify the responsible party and perform progress inspections for energy code compliance during construction and provide an as‐built energy analysis incorporating completed project modifications. Progress inspections for energy code compliance include: Envelope, Mechanical and Service Water Heating, Electrical power and Lighting.

IBA Building & Energy Sciences, a division of Israel Berger & Associates, LLC (IBA) is prepared to perform necessary and mandated progress inspections for Energy Code Compliance for commercial and residential buildings. In addition, IBA can also provide the necessary as‐built energy analysis, as required for compliance and act as the lead professional. This mandated inspection service is available to owners, developers, MEP firms, architectural and engineering firms. Given our active involvement with these regulatory changes, we will provide direction in navigating and understanding the latest energy code revisions.

IBA has specialized in the building envelope for over 25 years. Providing services for both new construction and existing buildings, IBA maintains the highest quality standards of design, installation and inspection of the walls, foundation, roof, doors glazing (windows), and energy analysis to ensure that they produce a durable, sustainable enclosure system.

IBA provides true, independent, third‐party consulting services. Our staff is highly skilled at using a holistic approach to identify energy saving solutions.

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Marc Weissbach, R.A.

Written by Marc Weissbach, R.A.

President and CEO