IBA First To Launch Holistic Approach To Energy Services

April 01, 2010

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Israel Berger & Associates, LLC (IBA), a recognized consulting and inspection group specializing in building envelope technologies, is excited to announce the formation of the IBA Energy & Building Science Division headed by Vice President John Hannum, P.E., LEED AP.

Building owners, developers or managers, require an agency that can communicate with each respective trade in a technically proficient approach so that when the building’s systems (Façade, HVAC and Electrical) are created, upgraded or modified that they are working with each other and not in opposition. IBA Energy and Building Science is the agency that fills this space.

Marc Weissbach, Chief Operating Officer of IBA issued this statement: IBA has formed an Energy & Building Sciences Division that is focusing on what we believe to be the huge communication gap that has formed between specialty consultants dealing with building envelopes and those dealing with mechanical and electrical systems. Our goal is to take a more holistic approach, offering our clients the very high level of expertise they have grown to expect from IBA – only now we will address other building systems in addition to the building envelope and bring those systems into congruence.

IBA Energy & Building Science currently provides the following services:

  • General Energy Consulting Services –Project Guidance, Energy Modeling, Day‐lighting & Thermal Analysis
  • Financial Incentives and Tax Analysis – Federal Tax Rebates 179d, Cost Segregation and Other Incentives
  • Benchmarking, Auditing and Forensic Analysis – Building Audits, Compliance, Surveys and Detailed Analysis
  • Measurement and Verification – Special (Progress) Inspection, Hobo Monitoring
  • Non‐Destructive Testing – Electronic Roof Leak Detection, IR Thermography, Spectrophotometer &
  • LEED Consulting – Registration & Certification Filing, Credit Evaluation, Review and Consult on all Specs.

IBA Energy has the expertise and capabilities to perform all the essential building modeling, calculations and tax accounting strategies “in‐house”. Therefore IBA is better suited to leverage this knowledge to help your company identify and implement the most cost‐effective and environmentally‐responsible green building plan while achieving a maximum return on your investment or rebate opportunity.

IBA provides services to property owners, architects and construction managers at all stages of design and
construction, from conception to completion. In the New York City area, the firm also specializes in Façade
Inspection and Safety Program (Local Law 11) service which requires periodic inspections of buildings.
Services are provided on all building types including commercial, residential, institutional, educational,
religious, industrial and entertainment complexes.

For more information visit IBA’s website at or call 212.689.5389.


Marc Weissbach, R.A.

Written by Marc Weissbach, R.A.

President and CEO