Facades+ New York 2017

April 06, 2017
April 6-7, 2017 @ METROPOLITAN WEST


The goal of the Facades+ conference is to focus on the design and performance on the next generation of facades. We provide proven insights on how to make your ideas become reality. We bring together some of the world’s most productive building professionals and leading researchers to share insights on how facades ideas are brought to life

Facades+ is the leading conference on performance and design of the building envelope. The unique cross-over of attending professionals brings together a unique brain-trust from the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, fabrication, development and education. Be inspired and learn how to innovate all steps of facade implementation—from systems and materials to designs and delivery strategies.

You can look for Vidaris at 3 different sessions:

  1. Covering your Bases: The Podium as Special Design Challenge (April 6th, 4:05 PM)
    Jeff Haber (WW Glass)
    Israel Berger (Vidaris)
    James Von Klemperer (KPF)

    Podium design is a space for innovative solutions in mid and high-rise construction. As one of the most visible parts of buildings, they provide a canvas for new materials, techniques and unique building features as well as the primary site for retail. Three leading AEC practitioners talk about podiums as special design opportunity.
  2. Zone Green and the High Performance Facade (April 7th, Session A - 9:00 AM)
    Adrian Tuluca (Vidaris)
    Christoph Timm (SOM)

    The workshop will provide an overview of Zone Green requirements for both existing and new facades.  For new facades, the session defines exterior walls for Zone Green purposes (when an MER wall is an exterior wall, garage walls and HVAC penetrations), U-factors for mass and non-mass walls, strategies for insulation placement given the mass and non-mass mix, calculation procedures for wall U-factors (using ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix A and using THERM modeling), critical details in developing an efficient envelope (masonry, window wall and curtain wall) and insulation techniques when space is at a premium.  For existing facades, the team will cover R-value calculations, types of permitted obstructions and increase of wall thickness. There will be two parts: presentation and a hands-on exercise.
  3. Symbiotic Value of Facades for Owners + Designers (April 7th, Session E - 1:15 PM)
    Ashley Reed & Caroline Lama (Vidaris)
    Kasey McCarthy (Permasteelisa)
    Swathi Bonda (Forest City Ratner Companies)

    A panel of facade consultants and designers use case studies and discuss pertinent issues regarding the building envelope including design, life-span, quality, resilience and performance. Attendees will be better equipped with the knowledge and confidence to discuss the aesthetic integrity and costs of facades with their clients.


Times: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Michelle Maxwell

Written by Michelle Maxwell

Marketing Manager