Exterior Wall Construction Typology

January 30, 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Exterior Facade Types 

As you walk down the streets of major cities across the globe, you can look up at the buildings surrounding you and easily become mesmerized at the beauty of the architecture and the palette of design. The exterior envelope plays an important role in not only the aesthetic design, but also with energy efficiency. The building envelope, the boundary between the interior and exterior of a building, performs a number of tasks including exterior protection (e.g. protection from the elements) and preservation of internal space requirements (e.g. thermal, light, and acoustic comfort, humidity conditions).

There are numerous types of facades, but most fall into these five categories: curtain wall, window wall, pre-cast, pre-fab metal stud and hand set brick.

Recently, there has been a demand for window wall and curtain wall as the glassy, modern high-rises have become popular with developers for both new construction and re-clad / overclad projects. Knowing which wall type is best for your next project can be a challenge, which is why we have put together this quick guide to exterior wall types.


Exterior Wall Typology Infographic.jpg


Hannah Hutchison

Written by Hannah Hutchison

Marketing Coordinator