2017 GANA BEC Conference

February 07, 2017
February 7th, 2017 @ Caesar's Palace


The 2017 GANA Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference will provide a forum for more than 400 contract glaziers, industry suppliers and technical experts to connect and discuss critical issues and important trends for building with glass in today's modern world.

Check out Israel Berger's session "Glass Compliance and Durability: The Technical and Commercial Imperatives" at 1 pm on February 7th.  Israel will discuss the contracts glazing contractors must commit to: one with the client and the other with the glass supplier. The fidelity of the two is key to commercial success, without which financial disputes and losses are likely. The contractors obligations to the client are constrained by three major criteria: contractual, regulatory and “good practice” standards. Berger will expand on these issues and illustrate common non-compliances and failures to watch for. He will also recount the mitigation of some incognito cases.


Times: 1:00 PM

Michelle Maxwell

Written by Michelle Maxwell

Marketing Manager