20 Things You Didn't Know About Marissa Vaish

December 05, 2016

Continuing on with our blog series getting to know the people in Vidaris we looked to a Vidaris employee who spans both our technical side and the business development: Proposal, Estimating and Planning Manager Marissa Vaish

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Early riser or night owl? 

MV: As a parent of a 3-year old, I'll take any kind of sleep I can get, whenever I can get it.

What's your commute like? 

MV: It starts with two subway lines and ends at the Flatiron Building and a walk through Madison Square Park, a nice way to ease into and out of the office every day. 

Do you have weird quirks? 

MV: I love TED Talks. 

What's the food you can't live without? 

MV: Sushi and Pizza 

Tell us about your family: 

MV: It’s Cosmopolitan. I’ve got a big family, spread across the country and around the world. My husband, Rahul, is from India; I’m from California; our daughter, Ava, is a native New Yorker and our two dogs, Snoop and Ella, were both born in Pennsylvania.

What's your favorite TV show? 

MV: "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver 

3 Things you can't live without? 

MV: Music, The Internet, My Family (not necessarily in that order) 

If you weren't doing what you are doing what would you be? 

MV: Much less happy.

Favorite vacation spot? 

MV: A warm beach - doesn't really matter where in the world as long at it's warm. 

Favorite Building 

MV: Musée d’Orsay – old, new, and art. What more could you ask for?

Animal you most resemble  

MV: I hope "Human" is the one that suits me best. 

Most relatable TV Character: 

MV: Neil Degrasse Tyson - ok, maybe I should've added this to weird quirks. 

Book Read over and over: 

MV: “The God of Small Things”, by Arundhati Roy – she studied architecture, and writes in a very illustrative way.

Favorite Lunch Spot: 

MV: Central Park picnics on the weekends with my family 

What do you do when not in the office?  

MV: I act like a mommy of a 3-year old. It involves art-making, song-singing, play-date-negotiating, mess-cleaning, swing-pushing, tubby-time bubbles, tickles, giggles and general silliness.

Favorite office Memory: 

MV: Every time I get to collaborate with my brilliant colleagues to help create a presentation, report, design, proposal that communicates our expertise to the world we can impact. Not just one memory – many.

What made you do what you do? 

MV: I love science, math, language and art –and get to dabble in each a little every day.

Tell us more about your position: 


As Proposals, Estimating and Planning Manager I get to represent Vidaris in some of the initial client interactions – and work with our technical team members to develop the strategy, fees, and language that define our services. Our work sets the path for project delivery.

As a renewable energy specialist – I use my background as an architect to help our clients integrate carbon-neutral energy solutions in urban environments, improving resiliency to reduce the impact of climate change on our lives.

Defining moment at Vidaris: 

MV: I think it is still to come. 

Why Vidaris? 

MV: High-quality integrated approach to specialty building consulting. I prefer to work with many high-caliber architects at a time, than to work for them.

Hannah Hutchison

Written by Hannah Hutchison

Marketing Coordinator