20 Things You Didn't Know About Jesse Rushworth

November 30, 2017

For this month's Q&A, I sat down with Jesse Rushworth, a rising star within Vidaris' Existing Buildings team.

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Where do you live? What's your commute like? 

JR: I live in Astoria, Queens.  The subway commute is easy, but it's even easier by bike.

Do you have weird quirks? 

JR: Too many to name.

What do you do when not at the office? 

JR: Read, go to the gym, watch TV, go to brunch.

What inspires you? 

JR: Music and movies.

If you had a super power what would it be? 

JRTime travel.

Best piece of advice you ever got? 

JRKeep your own council.


Frank Gehry Dancing House

Favorite building?

JR: Frank Gehry’s Dancing House (aka Fred and Ginger) in Prague.

If you weren't an Associate at Vidaris, what would you be doing? 

JR: I'd be a therapist.

Favorite lunch spot?

JR: Curry Row.

Favorite school subject?

JRSociology of Italy; it was a study abroad course in Rome.

Favorite vacation spot? 

JRMiami, Florida


Eric Forman.jpg

Most relatable TV character?  

JREric Forman from That ‘70s Show.

Tell us about your family: 

JRMy mom and sister live in Lancaster, PA.  My sister has one daughter – Alexa, and Maisie is on the way next month.

Book read over and over: 

JRI am currently reading Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond, which has been in progress for a while, it’s thick as a brick.

Early riser or night owl? 

JRNight owl

iPhone or Android?

JR: Android

Favorite office memory: 

JRVidaris' Holiday Party 2015. I will leave it at that.

What made you do what you do? 

JRRestoration is all about problem solving – you have to enjoy that, and I do.

Tell us more about your position: 

JRI Started as an Inspector, worked my way up to Consultant and recently became an Associate, all over the course of 6.5 years.

Why Vidaris? 

JR: Why not?! We do it all!

Michelle Maxwell

Written by Michelle Maxwell

Marketing Manager